Clout is set to start Token Sales on 17th November, 2017

Clout, the one-stop shop for everything Crypto, is having the first phase of their token sales started on Nov 17th, 2017 which will be open to the public. The Phase 1 of the ICO will last for 30 days (December 27, 2017) or until the 100 million tokens are sold. During the ICO, BTC and ETH will be accepted. There is a 0.5 ETH minimum participation amount.


What is Clout?

The CLOUT network hosts a variety of news and articles about the blockchain in addition to articles covering crypto investments, as well as a detailed & current analysis of all upcoming ICOs. For the first time, influential members of the community will be acknowledged in CLOUTs section on the “Who’s Who” of crypto, providing due recognition for their positive contributions towards the community. Newcomers to the world of crypto will have access to highly sought after content to assist them in getting started.

CLOUT is truly the one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING crypto!


How does CLOUT work?

Clout network is built with two native tokens, the CLOUT token (ERC223) and it’s daughter token CLC. Furthermore, members will be subsequently rewarded with CLC for their interactions with the CLOUT Network proportional to the type of interaction.

Users can earn their CLC by creating content themselves, or sharing a quality post created by any other member. CLC is also earned by “upvoting” quality posts as well as by leaving quality comments on existing posts.

CLC is what differentiates CLOUT from other platforms. It is only at CLOUT where both the content creator and the content sharer are rewarded for their positive contributions. Each & every member of the CLOUT is incentivized to monitor the space for quality, factual information.

What makes the Clout Network unique?

Clout is the first community that is focused solely on blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are many platforms that promote discussion and have a community, but cryptocurrency and the blockchain serve as subtopics on these platforms. This burgeoning worldwide industry, based on revolutionary cryptographic technology deserves a home that is built on the technology it represents. CLOUT is the home the crypto-community deserves.

Why should I use the CLOUT platform?

There is many differentiators and unique features to the CLOUT platform described in the Whitepaper.  Some of these include:

– Find the latest and greatest information on everything related to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain – all in one place – verified specifically by the cryptocurrency community.

– Get rewarded by the community for posting high quality information. The more value that the community sees in your post of comment will translate directly to more CLC in your wallet

– CLOUT Tokens will be listed on exchanges after the ICO has ended. CLOUT token holders will also be able to trade their CLOUT tokens in for CLC and vis-versa.

To learn more about Clout Platform, please view or download the official Whitepaper from this link


Clout Tokens

There are a total of 100 Million CLOUT tokens, which have already been generated. 1/10th of the total CLOUT tokens will be sold during the ICO. CLOUT plans for longevity by scheduling the periodic release of CLOUT tokens over time. 1 Million CLOUT tokens will be released every year for the next 5 years following the ICO.



CLC is generated by holding CLOUT tokens in your wallet. All CLOUT tokens purchased during the ICO will receive FREE accompanying CLC on a 1:1 ratio. Following the initial disbursement to ICO participants, CLC generation rate will decrease on a staggered schedule. For the first year following the ICO, 1 CLOUT token will generate 1 CLC per year. The following year, 1 CLOUT token will generate 1 CLC every 2 years. This process will systematically continue until 1 billion total CLC have been generated. In this way, CLC grows in scarcity and value with each following year, rewarding early participants.

CLOUT tokens & CLCs are based on the latest developments in cryptographic technology, and utilize the latest improvements in token protocols in the Ethereum network. Strict adherence to the more robust and secure ERC223 standard – an improvement on the standard ERC20 protocol – makes CLOUT & CLC early adopters of the forthcoming industry standard, as well as two of the safest & feature rich tokens on the market.

ERC2233 tokens are backwards compatible with all ERC20 functions and contracts, but have added functionality, such as the ability to more efficiently handle token transfers, handle more forms of incoming contracts, and innate protection against sending tokens to an incorrect or inappropriate address. ERC223s tokens are also able to resist quantum attacks, unlike their ERC20 predecessors. As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology evolve into a more developed and widely adopted space, the ERC223 token standard will become the new norm for Ethereum network tokens.

The ERC-223 tokens use half the gas required by an ERC-20 token. The decision to improve this aspect of functionality ultimately benefits and safeguards our current and future participants.


CLC Issuance Schedule

1. Post ICO (Nov 2017) – 100M

2. 2018 – 100M

3. 2020 100M

4. 2023 – 100M

5. 2027 – 100M

6. 2032 – 100M

7. 2038 – 100M

8. 2045 – 100M

9. 2053 – 100M

10. 2062 – 100M


 Token Allocation

CLOUT’s 100 million token supply is allocated as so: certain milestones in the CLOUT roadmap being achieved.

1. 2-5 million tokens distributed to project early adopters during pre-ICO sale

2. 10 million tokens (10%) will be distributed to project supporters during the token sale.

3. 30 million tokens (30%) will be used to motivate developers and pay bounties used to develop the CLOUT Platform.

4. 25 million tokens (25%) will be allocated to the CLOUT Fund and will be used to invest in other blockchain projects over time, including ICOs and/or cryptocurrencies. These investment decisions will be based on the highest rated opportunities by the “up-voting” of the CLOUT platform members.

5. 22.5 million tokens (22.5%) will be used to motivate the CLOUT developers and executives overtime.

6. 5million tokens (5%) will be retained by the founders (To be released during a 20-month period)

7. 5 million tokens (5%) to be released every 1 year over the next 5 years, based on certain milestones in the CLOUT roadmap being achieved.


Token Sale

To fund the development and marketing of the CLOUT platform and to ensure a fair and transparent distribution method, CLOUT is hosting a token sale. The CLOUT token sale will be divided in two stages, the pre-ICO and the main ICO.


•2.5 million tokens (2.5%) will be distributed during the Pre-ICO at $1/ CLOUT

The Pre-ICO started on the 27th of September and will end on the 17th of November or when 2.5 million CLOUT tokens are sold. During the Pre-ICO, fiat currencies, BTC and ETH are accepted. There is a 1 BTC / 10 ETH minimum participation requirement.


•5 million tokens (5%) will be distributed during Phase 1 ICO at $2.50/ CLOUT

•3 million tokens (3%) will be distributed during Phase 2 ICO at $5/ CLOUT

•2 million tokens (2%) will be distributed during Phase 3 ICO at $10/ CLOUT

The ICO will start on the 27th of November, following the Pre-ICO. The ICO will last for 30 days (December 27, 2017) or until the 100 million tokens are sold. During the ICO, BTC and ETH will be accepted. There is a 0.5 ETH minimum participation amount.

Hard Cap: $50 million Individual Cap: $1 million

Tokens not sold during the ICO will be burned

The CLOUT project will use of proceeds from the sale to fund the operations and development of the CLOUT platform. The following funding breakdown was devised assuming the $50M USD cap is raised*:


How to Purchase Clout Coins?

 The first Phase of Clout ICO starts on November 17th and will last for 30 days (December 27, 2017) or until the 100 million tokens are sold. During the ICO, BTC and ETH will be accepted. There is a 0.5 ETH minimum participation amount. But that is not all. There is also Pre-ICO for early birds. If you want to participate today, you can go to the following link and fill up the form with necessary information and click submit. 

Use the Perhalic10 Promo Code for 10% Bonus. 

Clout Pre-ICO tokens are sold out. 

Go to for all the details! After the ICO, CLOUT tokens will be listed for trade on exchanges –

Connect with the CLOUT team on Slack, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, and a host

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