Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA)

Israeli Blockchain Association aims to educate, develop and empower the blockchain community of Israel and connect with both global leaders and best practice.

Introduction/Problem Statement

Israel is a well educated middle-eastern country with a population of only 8.4 Million and GDP of almost US$300 Billion, of which their technology sector accounts for 15.7%. Startups contribute an unusually large portion towards these numbers, and lately, this trend has manifested itself as an unusually rich and constant stream of bitcoin and blockchain companies.

So many well-funded local startups are focused on blockchain business that Deloitte recently created a report focused on the Israeli blockchain business scene. Deloitte’s professional network provides financial advisory services to over 225,400 professionals around the globe, generating US$35.2b in revenue during 2015.

The report illustrates in clear detail that growth of bitcoin and blockchain startups in Israel has been pushing forward faster than anywhere else in the world, outside of silicon valley, at least.

“Israel has the highest concentration of technical companies outside of Silicon Valley and the highest number of NASDAQ-listed technology companies, after the U.S. and China. Also, Israel’s technology industry accounts for 15.7% of the country’s GDP.”

– Deloitte

 As you can see, there are plenty of small blockchain businesses and communities in Israel. Yet, there is no united place for communication between people in the blockchain area. There is no united place where the blockchain enthusiasts and professionals can gather together and talk and discuss about their ideas and plans. There is no united place where people can exchange their opinions about various blockchain businesses and projects. 

The Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA) Solution & Mission

The Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA), founded by Gadi Isaev & Roman (Rafael) Gold on 2017, aims to educate, develop and empower the blockchain community of Israel and connect with both global leaders and best practice. They want to connect corporations, developers, policy-makers, and enthusiasts in order to foster knowledge sharing, testing, and development of impactful blockchain applications. 

 We see, how valuable blockchain communities are in Switzerland, Singapore, Ukraine, and Russia. Therefore our aim is to prove Start-up Nation brand of Israel and lead the country to the top of the blockchain space.

– Yana Levkovich

 They are planning to create a Blockchain Association that will that will not only include Tier-1 corporations and investors but also startup-companies, developers, researchers, scientists, and policy-makers. Along with the experts from across the globe, they want to build such a place that will not only connect the smaller blockchain  communities scattered across Israel but will also give the start-ups the scope to share and exchange their ideas and plannings and promote their companies.

What do they do?  

Israeli Blockchain Association facilitates business leaders, educators, policy-makers and citizens in using of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for blockchain technologies. Their activities can be divided into three sections – Business, Expertise and Community. Following is the list of activities that they are planning to do. 


Strategic Partnerships
with Tier-1 Corporations and Government Bodies

Investment Banking, Technology Consulting and Scouting



Access to expertise and collaborations


Think Tank


round tables and meetups

Complete calendar of blockchain events in Israel

Israeli Blockchain Newsletter

IBA Team & Advisory Board

After the huge success of JSCapital, Mr. Gadi Isaev and Mr. Roman Gold, the managing partners of JSCapital, founded Israeli Blockchain Association with a view to educating, developing and empowering the Israel-based Blockchain communities and build a place of sharing and learning. The team also includes two beautiful women – Liel Gutman from Desmos and Yana Levkovich of JSCapital. Together they are planning to change the scenario of Blockchain communities in Israel and convert it into a Global Hub by building a common and united place of relations between the individuals and companies. 
Their advisory board includes the likes of
  • Eugene Shimalsky (Founding Partner at Desmos), 
  • Sasha Tabak (CEO and Founder at Cluster),
  • Hiroto Kobayashi (Publisher of Business Insider Japan, Founder of Infobahn Inc),
  • Henry Wang (Founder and CEO at SmartMesh, Founder and President of International Blockchain Application Federation),
  • Francisco Jo (Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Coinhills, Advisor at Crypto20, Clout, BitIndia, Kickico),
  • Michael Gord (Founder and CEO of MLG Blockchain, Director of the Blockchain Education Network, Founder and CEO of Bitcoin Canada, Board of Directors Member of the Blockchain Association of Canada) 
 as advisory board members. They have also experts like
  • Kohei Kurihara (President of Government Blockchain Association Tokyo Chapter, PUBLIQ Japanese AmbassadorCo-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Mangaconnect),
  • Alex Kaplunov-Tov (CEO and Founder at Balance Tailor Made Consulting, BizDev in Greenium. Former CMO at, VP Sales & Marketing at Clal Financing Consumer Credit),
  • Michael Goldman (Digital Strategy and Transformation Advisor, Blockchain Lead at Sogeti Sweden. Former Digital Strategy and Transformation Advisor at Ignation Sweden),
  • Avi Gur (Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Get Crypto, Head of Business Development at Fast & Shine),
  • Bonnie Normile (Executive Advisor at Clout. Former Managing Partner at Signal Capital),
  • Mofassair Hossain (CEO and Founder of Perhalic. Representative of Decentralized Escrow for Asia, Advocate for Dascoin, Advisor of Clout and Paymon, Ambassador of Humaniq)

IBA Partners

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