“PAYMON” Use Your Crypto Currency Everywhere !!

Today Paymon has announced their ICO date. Paymon will start their ICO from 2.02.2018.

Today we will discuss some Internal Features about Paymon and Why you will join Paymon ICO. 


  • New Blockchain Technology: Paymon has a great mission they want to create a comfortable condition for our users to transfer the CryptoCurrency. This should happen quickly and reliably, and most importantly, people don’t have to without pay commissions for it. Instead of the standard blockchain, there is a DAG (directed acyclic graph), which we call tangle. Transactions are a set of tangle nodes. Its edge set is obtained as follows: upon receipt of a new transaction, it must approve the two previous transactions. In order for a transaction to be valid, the node must solve a cryptographic puzzle similar to the one contained in the bitcoin-miner.
  • POM ( Proof of me ): When You making a transaction, there will be a micro-emission of tokens, it will be returned to your wallet in the form of cashback. Since miners of the network are the users themselves, which allocate the power of computers and telephones, it is fair to reward them for each transaction they had made. Once a month, a certain number of tokens are evenly distributed among the network participants (the more transactions the user has made, the greater part of the tokens he will receive at the end of the month.

So When you Use Paymon for transaction your Digital Currency the more you use the more you will be rewarded with tokens at the end of the month.

  • Legal Support: This is one of the most important Elements/ Features in Paymon. As we see there are many scam projects enter on ICO markets they stole your money and go away. But Paymon will save your money from financial losses But how ????? After you attend the ICO, you are entitled to receive an electronic copy of the document confirming the fact of investing. This is a kind of contract of an offer, which has legal weight, in some jurisdictions. You just specify your details and the email address to which you want to get the contract. The rest will be done by the program. In this document, the details of the parties to the transaction, the element of the transaction and the responsibilities of each party will be prescribed. This document will indicate that you have invested in Our project with crypto-asset in the form of BTC or ETH, and we, for our part, are obliged to issue the equivalent of the money invested in your funds PMT.
  • Paymon Constructor: There is some dream of every team. The Paymon team has also a dream that is You can use Your Crypto Currency with Paymon everywhere.

    And the Last one “PAYMON Plastic Card”

Everyone knows the power of Mastercard and Visa card Paymon will issue Master card and Visa card Which will be linked to your Profile so that you can pay your services or purchase with Paymon.

Why you will invest in ‘PAYMON’

  • Paymaon is a Unique Fintech project. 
  • Paymon will Reward you with tokens when you use ‘PAYMON’ for more transaction.
  • Paymon will Provide you legal Documents which has legal weight when you join ICO and they will secure your money from Scam.
  • You can use your Crypto Currency everywhere in this world with the Paymon plastic card also with their Apps.
  • You can Build business analytics skills start accepting cryptocurrency, expand your opportunities with Paymon.
  • There are lots of features coming soon.

Gleim Semyon, СEO Paymon said that :

The future is closer that you think. Follow the trends, communicate with others, convertcrypto currencies, play games online, there are no limitations with Paymon, hence our motto is Be free. In Paymon we appreciate the importance of Blockain system and therefore we work hard to enable our valued members to have access to it.

For more Information Visit: Paymon.

author: Shovon Hossain. Published:Perhalic



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