Uses of Ethereum

Ethereum has ushered a new era in the crypto industry and has paved a new way for new companies to rise. There are numerous numbers of companies that are being built on the Ethereum technology which can be found on this link and the number is only growing. On their website, they have presented and described the uses of Ethereum technology wonderfully:



In simple words, as said by Mr. George Hallam, you can use Ethereum project in following ways:

From an organisational perspective:
• Contracts (b2b) 
• Assets permissions 
• Shareholder agreements 
• Prediction markets 
• Voting systems 
• Domain registries 

For peer to peer finance: 
• Crowdfunding
• Derivatives 
• Hedging
• Insurance   

Consumer focused Dapps:
• Escrows
• Personal asset store 
• Smart property
• Financial exchanges 
• Savings accounts
• Wills
• Intellectual property